Why Hire Me?

You should hire me because I am here to provide you with the most accurate information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. My brother-in-law's first home was purchased without a home inspection and that home turned out to be a significant life lesson for him. If he had known about the many issues with the home he would have purchased something else. A home inspection would have saved him time, money, and many headaches. He is now a home inspector so he can help people make informed decisions. This came in handy when my wife and I were going to buy a brand new construction home a few years back. He came down from Indiana to inspect our soon-to-be home. It turned out to have serious issues and he did save us time, money, and many headaches and we ultimately made our decision based on his inspection. We almost didn't get an inspection at all because it was new construction and we assumed since it passed codes inspections it would be fine. Don't make that mistake! Protect yourself in the most important purchase of your life! It was these experiences that ultimately led me on the path to become a home inspector myself to help guide people through the same thing we went through and help them make informed decisions. 

Being a state licensed InterNACHI certified home inspector gives me a professional advantage. InterNACHI is the largest and most rigorous training available for home inspectors.


Click the links below to read about my different qualifications as well as the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Also, you can read My Promise to You. 



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